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Class Rules
Classes receive Paw Power points when they complete the following list. The class that receives the most Paw Power points at the end of each 9 weeks receives a prize from the related arts teachers. To receive a Paw Power point, each class needs to:

1. Enter the Room Quietly
2. Be Respectful
3. Work Quietly
4. Raise Your Hand
5. Stay in Your Seat
6. Line Up and Leave Quietly
7. Sing and Play Together
The first step in helping a student who is unfocused or disruptive is a verbal warning in class. If student behavior continues to be unsatisfactory, time away from the group, “refocus” will be assigned. While a student is refocusing, he/she will complete a refocus form and an instrument recognition worksheet or other content related material away from the rest of the class. I file these papers so that I know how many times a child has been refocused. After three refocus assignments, I contact parents.