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4 yr. Kindergarten

5th Grade Climbers

5th Grade Climbers

5th Grade Climbers

5th Grade Music




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All things are possible

Angela Abercrombie Summer Class

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Art Across Time




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Bucket Drumming


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Class Pictures

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Classroom Wish List

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Cool Math Sites

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Extra PE @ LE

Farm Field Trip

Finley 2015-2016

Finley 2015-2016

First Grade Themes and Units

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Heather M's Summer Class

Hour of Code

Hour of Code

Hour of Code

Hour of Code

Hour of Code

Hour of Code

Hour of Code

Hour of Code

Hour of Code

Hour of Code

Hour of Code

Hour of Code

Immigration and Industrialization Links

Industrial Revolution-Child Labor

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Laurens District 55 2017- 2018 Calendar

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Moby Max

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Mrs. Todd's Classroom!

Ms. Luthi - 4th Grade

Music Notation

Music Theory

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Parent Conference Sign-Up Form


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Reading Eggs

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Study Island

Study Island

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Tossing and throwing in PE

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Upcoming LE Events

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Westward Expansion Links

What's going on!

What's going on in 3rd Grade?

What's going on in 3rd Grade?

What's going on in Choice's Class

What's going on in England's class?

What's Going On in Gault's Class

What's Going on in Hendrick's Class

What's going on in Jenkins' class?

What's Going on in Mrs. Black's Class

What's going on in Mrs. Coggins' class?

What's going on in Mrs. Gregory's Class

What's going on in Mrs. Rush's class

What's going on in Mrs. Shelton's classroom?

What's Going On In Mrs. Wilson's Classroom?

What's going on in Primary Montessori?

What's Going On in Room 408

What's Going on in Smith's Class...

What's Going on in the Computer Lab

What's Going On in Upper El.

What's happening in 2nd grade?

What's Happening In 2nd Grade

What's Happening in 5th Grade

What's happening in First Grade?

What's happening in kindergarten

What's happening in Kindergarten?

What's happening in Mr.Bottu's Class

What's happening in Mrs. Miller's class?

What's Happening in Reading Recovery

What's going on in first grade?

Wish List

Word Clouds

WWII Study Guide