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Welcome to Laurens Elementary School!
Welcome to Laurens Elementary School!
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Principal's Corner

9 months ago

Welcome to Mr. Dendy's Principal's Corner.  We appreciate the opportunity to work with your child.  Please use the form below to communicate any praises, concerns, or constructive criticism.  All responses are confidential and will only be viewed by Mr. Dendy.   Click HERE to express yourself!

Mr. Dendy   

Morning Meetings

9 months ago

Morning Meetings are an important part of the culture of LES. During the morning meetings, classes use the Wings in Schools program. The program focuses on building social and emotional skills to help everyone soar.

By Melanie Samol

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Learning Packets and Resources

about 1 month ago

Find learning packets, resources, links to online learning, WiFi access sites, schedules for free meals, and more HERE.   


Beginning April 27, 2020, Laurens County School District #55 will be placing WiFi equipped school buses at various locations for students to access the internet and internet-based classroom materials.  Buses will be at the following locations from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  

Laurens Terrace, Laurens Villa, Friendship Baptist Church, Spring Street Apartments, Meadowbrook Apartments, Hilltop/Laurens Glen Apartments.

In response to Governor Henry McMaster's plans for dealing with COVID-19, all schools in South Carolina are closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.  This closure includes the cancellation of all school-related activities.  Laurens County School District #55 (LCSD 55) is committed to providing students and parents with instructional resources throughout the duration of the closure.   In addition to instructional resources, the school district is providing free meals, free WiFi access, and a Chromebook for each student in grades three through twelve.  These are uncharted waters and we appreciate your cooperation and patience as we all work together through this time.   

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